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Communication with patient’s families in the intensive care unit: Do we really meet their needs? ; Claire Roger, Sadek Beloucif

Persistent postsurgical pain: Is a prospective specific approach by type of surgery needed? ; Philippe Richebé, Véronique Brulotte, Pierre Beaulieu

Original articles

How patient families are provided with information during intensive care: A survey of practices ; Jean-Philippe Rigaud, Grégoire Moutel, Corinne Quesnel, Jean-Pierre Eraldi, François Bougerol, Arnaud Pavon, Jean-Pierre Quenot

An anaesthesia information management system as a tool for a quality assurance program: 10 years of experience ; Cyrus Motamed, Jean Louis Bourgain

Chronic post-thyroidectomy pain: Incidence, typology, and risk factors ; Jean-Michel Wattier, Robert Caïazzo, Grégoire Andrieu, Eric Kipnis, François Pattou, Gilles Lebuffe

Unplanned intensive care unit admission after general anaesthesia in children: A single centre retrospective analysis ; John Mitchell, Stephan Clément de Clety, Edith Collard, Marc De Kock, Thierry Detaille, Laurent Houtekie, Laurence Jadin, Laurent Bairy, Francis Veyckemans


Effectiveness and complications of ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation in children and neonates ; Nicolas Nardi, Eric Wodey, Bruno Laviolle, François De La Brière, Séverine Delahaye, Charlotte Engrand, Cécile Gauvrit, Sabrina Dessard, Anne Defontaine, Claude Ecoffey

The liability of the anaesthesiologist in ambulatory surgery ; Alexandre Theissen, Marc Beaussier, Mohammed Bouregba, Isabelle Rouquette-Vincenti, Patrick Niccolai, André Lienhart

Comparison of the TOF-Scan™ acceleromyograph to TOF-Watch SX™: Influence of calibration ; Nora Colegrave, Valérie Billard, Cyrus Motamed, Jean-Louis Bourgain

Letters to editor

Is extracorporeal treatment useful for managing severe baclofen poisoning even on patients with normal renal function? Indeed a very open debate! ; David Vandroux, Bernard-Alex Gaüzère, Olivier Martinet

Beware of using tranexamic acid in parturients with eclampsia ; Rado Idialisoa, Romain Jouffroy, Pascal Philippe, Lionel Lamhaut, Frédéric Baud, Pierre Carli, Benoît Vivien

Unusual dialysis catheter position due to partial anomalous pulmonary venous return: Diagnosis and management ; Nicolas Grillot, Samy Figueiredo, Alix Aubry, Pierre-Etienne Leblanc, Jacques Duranteau

Dexmedetomidine: Superiority trials needed? ; D. Longrois, L. Quintin

Dexmedetomidine: Superiority trials needed? Reply ; Jean-Michel Constantin, Sebastien Perbet

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